Weekly Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota

Weekly Unemployment Benefits in MinnesotaWhat is the weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota a person can collect?  Believe it or not, tying to figure out your weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota is not as easy of a question as you might think.

First, lets acknowledge unemployment benefits are reviewed by the unemployment office on a week by week basis.  In other words, weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota can change.  This is true because people receive severance payments from their last job, work part time jobs, make deductions from their 401K’s, sell stuff on e-bay, etc.

Second, the unemployment office in Minnesota reviews your weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota by asking you a series of questions each week.  These are questions specific to your eligibility.  It is the opinion of this law office that these questions are used to find ways to deny or make you ineligible for unemployment.   To remain eligible for your weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota, you must consider the following:

1.  Filed a continued request for benefits each week,

2.  You are unemployed as defined by Minnesota unemployment insurance law,

3.  You are available for “suitable employment”,

4.  You are “actively” seeking suitable employment,

5.  You served a one week non-payable period of time, and

6.  You have been participating in re-employment assistance services as required.

The unemployment office will use the above set of standards to determine whether your are eligible to receive weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota.  Provided you are eligible, the maximum amount a person can collect in unemployment benefits per week is $597 before taxes.  That being said, this number tends to go up by $20-$35 dollars depending on Federal Stimulus packages.

If you are comparing today’s weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota to that in past years, please consider the chart referenced below.  Dating back the last ten years, the maximum weekly unemployment amount in Minnesota has been the following:

2001 – $452 per week                    2006 – $521 per week

2002 – $467 per week                   2007 – $538 per week

2003 – $478 per week                   2008 – $566 per week

2004 – $493 per week                    2009 – $585 per week

2005 – $515 per week                    2010 – $578 per week

If you are reviewing your weekly unemployment benefits in Minnesota and you have questions and want an up-front response, please consider contacting an unemployment lawyer for help.

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