Terminations & Quitting

Union Members Beware When Collecting Unemployment Benefits

If you are a Union Member and trying to collecting unemployment benefits in Minnesota, consider having your unemployment claim for eligibility reviewed by an unemployment lawyer. In Minnesota, a worker can collect unemployment if they are eligible for benefits.  Although exceptions apply, a worker who is not working because of a labor dispute is generally […]

MN Unemployment Preponderance of Evidence

MN Unemployment Preponderance of Evidence

The MN unemployment preponderance of evidence is a standard used by unemployment law judges to determine whether an applicant is eligible for unemployment benefits or if the applicant is denied unemployment benefits. At first glance, it might appear as a simple thing.  In other words, if you prove the MN unemployment preponderance of evidence is […]

Applicants & Employers

Can Real Estate workers collect Unemployment?

Beware if you are trying to collect unemployment benefits in Minnesota and you worked for a real estate company.  What you say and do during your application for unemployment benefits can prevent you from collecting unemployment.  Depending on whether your are an employer or an applicant, be aware of issues related to “covered” employment and […]

Employer Will Not Contest Unemployment Benefits

Employer Will Not Contest Unemployment Benefits

What if you were told your employer will not contest unemployment benefits?  Should this change your process when seeking benefits in Minnesota?  One of the most common things an applicant seeking benefits states is as follows – “I was told that my employer will not contest unemployment benefits” and therefore I do not need to […]

Recent Appeals…

Unemployment Appeal: Good Reason to Quit

Because the worker in the case outlined below failed to make the necessary legal arguments during the request for reconsideration process, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reviewed an appeal for unemployment benefits and decided in favor of the employer. The Minnesota Court of Appeals reviewed an unemployment appeal called Jones-Schroyer v. Lake Superior College.  In […]

Unemployment Appeal: Employment Misconduct

In Myers v. Silver Tower Subs, an unpublished unemployment appeal, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reviewed whether or not the employee or applicant for unemployment benefits was terminated for employment misconduct. Employment misconduct in Minnesota is any intentional, negligent, or indifferent conduct, on the job or off the job that displays clearly a serious violation […]

Unemployment Appeal: Employee Misconduct and Treatment of Children

A terminated employee working as a preschool teacher treated students roughly. The fired employee applied for unemployment benefits. The preschool teacher was denied unemployment benefits because of employment “misconduct” under Minn. Stat. 268.095, subd. 6(a). The Minnesota Court of appeals upheld her denial of unemployment benefits after the teacher had treated one child roughly, kept […]

MN Unemployment Laws:

Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Minnesota unemployment laws are provided under Minnesota Chapter 268 and Minnesota … [Read More]

Changes to Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Changes to Minnesota unemployment laws in 2013 in comparison to 2012 are limited. … [Read More]

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