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Crowd Labor Could Affect Unemployment Benefits

Do you know what crowd labor is?  Crowd labor, sometimes called crowd sourcing or micro tasks, is a fairly recent phenomenon.  The draw to crowd labor is the ability to do work in the comforts of your home without leaving your house. Crowd labor means a person, in exchange for a nominal amount of money, […]

MN Unemployment Preponderance of Evidence

MN Unemployment Preponderance of Evidence

The MN unemployment preponderance of evidence is a standard used by unemployment law judges to determine whether an applicant is eligible for unemployment benefits or if the applicant is denied unemployment benefits. At first glance, it might appear as a simple thing.  In other words, if you prove the MN unemployment preponderance of evidence is […]

Applicants & Employers

Minnesota Unemployment Overpayment attached to Federal Stimulus

 As reported by the associated press, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) overpaid three point two million dollars ($3,200,000) in unemployment benefits tied to the federal stimulus package.  This means that applicants (former employees) will be asked to return or repay the overpayment.  It is said that DEED mistakenly paid out $25 […]

How to Win an Unemployment Appeal

How to Win an Unemployment Appeal

To win an unemployment appeal in Minnesota involves three basic elements:  preparation, execution, and evidence. PREPARATION You can  win an unemployment appeal by preparing accordingly.  It is the opinion of this law office that preparation requires time.  During an unemployment appeal, it is difficult to weigh time for preparation versus your necessity for benefits.  However, an unemployment […]

Recent Appeals…

Unemployment Appeal: Quit Without Good Reason

In Hoffman v. Dorsey & Whitney, the issue was whether or not the employee quit with or without a good reason caused by the employer.  In Minnesota, the law to determine whether a person quit their employment is as follows: a quit from employment occurs when the decision to end the employment was, at the […]

Unemployment Appeal: Voluntary Quit

In Wacker v. J & E Express, et al. (Department of Employment and Economic Development), an applicant for unemployment benefits appealed her ineligibility for unemployment benefits decided by an unemployment law judge. In the ruling decided after the unemployment phone appeal hearing, the applicant was denied because he voluntarily quit employment without a “good reason […]

Unemployment Appeal: Quit Due to Illness

In Quam v. Farmington Health Services, an Applicant filed an appeal for unemployment benefits. The employee in this case refused to work after she suffered an adverse reaction to mold in her workplace.  The Minnesota Court of Appeals decided in favor of the Employer.  Here, the employee was not eligible for benefits because she took […]

MN Unemployment Laws:

Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Minnesota unemployment laws are provided under Minnesota Chapter 268 and Minnesota … [Read More]

Changes to Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Changes to Minnesota unemployment laws in 2013 in comparison to 2012 are limited. … [Read More]

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