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Minnesota Unemployment Fraud

Minnesota Unemployment Fraud

What is Minnesota Unemployment Fraud? Minnesota Unemployment Fraud is defined in two areas under Minnesota law. Under the first area, Minnesota unemployment fraud is is defined at Minnesota statute 268.18 as any person who receives unemployment benefits by knowingly misrepresenting, misstating, or failing to disclose any material fact, or who makes a false statement or representation without […]

Crowd Labor Could Affect Unemployment Benefits

Do you know what crowd labor is?  Crowd labor, sometimes called crowd sourcing or micro tasks, is a fairly recent phenomenon.  The draw to crowd labor is the ability to do work in the comforts of your home without leaving your house. Crowd labor means a person, in exchange for a nominal amount of money, […]

Applicants & Employers

Unemployment Lawyer Near Plymouth

If you are looking for an unemployment lawyer in or near Plymouth, contact the law office IAJ Law, LLC.  This law office is located near Plymouth and helps people with unemployment claims.  An unemployment lawyer near Plymouth can help you with issues related to benefits, laws, procedures, and appeals. At the law office IAJ Law, […]

Employer Will Not Contest Unemployment Benefits

Employer Will Not Contest Unemployment Benefits

What if you were told your employer will not contest unemployment benefits?  Should this change your process when seeking benefits in Minnesota?  One of the most common things an applicant seeking benefits states is as follows – “I was told that my employer will not contest unemployment benefits” and therefore I do not need to […]

Recent Appeals…

Unemployment Appeal: Absent From Work

In Minnesota, an employee at IC Systems, Inc. was fired from their job for being absent from work for more than a week.  The employee filed for unemployment.  Her unemployment benefits were denied.  Then, the employee filed an appeal for unemployment benefits. This case was heard by the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  In Saunders v. […]

Unemployment Appeal: Quit Without Good Reason

In Hoffman v. Dorsey & Whitney, the issue was whether or not the employee quit with or without a good reason caused by the employer.  In Minnesota, the law to determine whether a person quit their employment is as follows: a quit from employment occurs when the decision to end the employment was, at the […]

Unemployment Appeal Seeking Suitable Employment

Under Ali v. Minneapolis Special School District, an applicant filed an appeal for unemployment benefits.  The applicant was denied unemployment because he was attending nigh school.  Prior to enrolling in school and taking nigh classes, the applicant was a teacher.  The applicant was terminated from his job because he did not obtain a limited license […]

MN Unemployment Laws:

Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Minnesota unemployment laws are provided under Minnesota Chapter 268 and Minnesota … [Read More]

Changes to Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Changes to Minnesota unemployment laws in 2013 in comparison to 2012 are limited. … [Read More]

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