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TALX – Who are they and will they affect unemployment?

TALX is a business that helps other businesses reduce unemployment claims.  They represent small businesses and large businesses in Minnesota.  If you worked in Minnesota and are appealing a claim for unemployment benefits, chances are may run into TALX.  Thus, if you are appealing a claim for unemployment benefits and receive notice that your employer or […]

Minnesota Unemployment Fraud

Minnesota Unemployment Fraud

What is Minnesota Unemployment Fraud? Minnesota Unemployment Fraud is defined in two areas under Minnesota law. Under the first area, Minnesota unemployment fraud is is defined at Minnesota statute 268.18 as any person who receives unemployment benefits by knowingly misrepresenting, misstating, or failing to disclose any material fact, or who makes a false statement or representation without […]

Applicants & Employers

Personal Improvement Plan and Unemployment

Personal Improvement Plan and Unemployment

In Minnesota, what are the rules pertaining to a Personal Improvement Plan and unemployment benefits?  What should you do and will you be eligible for unemployment benefits in Minnesota?   Unfortunately, it depends. A personal improvement plan can mean many different things.  Normally, a personal improvement plan is a document used by employers to communicate certain […]

MN Unemployment Preponderance of Evidence

MN Unemployment Preponderance of Evidence

The MN unemployment preponderance of evidence is a standard used by unemployment law judges to determine whether an applicant is eligible for unemployment benefits or if the applicant is denied unemployment benefits. At first glance, it might appear as a simple thing.  In other words, if you prove the MN unemployment preponderance of evidence is […]

Recent Appeals…

Unemployment Appeal: Good Reason to Quit was Lacking

An office manager for a music school was denied unemployment compensation benefits after she quit because she felt “uncomfortable” with the school’s financial situation and thought that it was engaged in illegal financial practices.  While the applicant for unemployment benefits did not express her discomfort to the school before she quit her employment, the Minnesota […]

Unemployment Appeal: Independent Contractor and Truck Driver

A truck driver delivering liquid fertilizer for a farm was deemed to be an employee, not an independent contractor, in an action arising from his application for unemployment compensation benefits.  The employee drove a truck that was “furnished” by the farm (the employer).  also, the employer paid for the independent contractor’s gasoline, truck repairs, and […]

Unemployment Appeal: Misrepresenting Hiring Application

An employee fired for misrepresenting her background on a job application was not entitled to unemployment benefits. The Minnesota Court of Appeals held that her failure to state that she was fired from her prior job for felony exploitation of a vulnerable adult constituted disqualifying “misconduct” once the new employer learned of the prior transgression. […]

MN Unemployment Laws:

Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Minnesota unemployment laws are provided under Minnesota Chapter 268 and Minnesota … [Read More]

Changes to Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Changes to Minnesota unemployment laws in 2013 in comparison to 2012 are limited. … [Read More]

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